A very favorable review of Talisman has been published by Carolyn Frank in SFRevue on-line.
It was a lovely surprise.

Tales of the Unanticipated first published the short story that became Chapter 1 of Talisman. Thanks Guys!

Another Denver author, Hillari Bell, has been very helpful to us. Her fiction can be found at her SFWA site.

In Denver Talisman is carried by Who Else! Books. It can be ordered at many Denver area bookstores including The Tattered Cover. Nationally, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com are known to carry it, as do many others.

Marti Gilstrap is another multi-talented writer. Her website is www.marthagilstrap.com

To order from the publisher, contact Pronghorn Press.

Please note we list bookstores that carry Talisman as we find out about them. We particularly appreciate stores that link this website. To be listed, contact the webmaster for this site.